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Q & A

            What is Staging?

            Preparing your property--occupied, vacant, or investment--

            for the fastest, most lucrative sale possible.  

             Why Hire a Stager?

  • Home presentation makes the difference in 87% of sales.  AOL Money poll
  • Professionally staged homes sell 50% faster and for an average of  8-10% more.
  • The average staging investment of 1-3% the asking price can generate a return of 8-10%, thereby more than paying for itself.  National Association of Realtors 
    ​​​A home staging professional is trained to view your house with ‘buyer’s eyes’, to see the potential, and show it at its very best.  We know what buyers are looking for.  ​
    ​Professionally staged homes stand out from the competition.
    How Does It Work?
  • Consultation--Realtor, homeowner or investor gives us a call.  We come in, look around, take pictures.
  • Recommendations Document--Detailed information with photos describing what will need to be packed, stored, moved, the updates that will bring you the most bang for your buck, suggested repairs and improvements.  Then you get to work (or we do)!
  • Staging day--You have packed, cleaned, organized, repaired, and stored (or we have).  Now our crew comes in with any needed accessories and furniture to put on the finishing touches. You're ready to sell!  

             How much will it cost?

​​             Our staging prices start at a $150 for a Walk and Talk consultation. We talk. You take notes.   The most commonly used (and economical) by those do-it-yourselfers among you is the Full Consult.  With the $350 consultation fee comes a 1-2 hour consultation followed by a very detailed recommendations document. We tell you what to store, where to locate artwork and furniture, and any repairs and paint that might be needed. Full-service packages include consult, recommendations, staging day mover  and assistants, and accessory and furniture rental as needed.  Prices are informed by size, rental needs, finish level, and anticipated labor and time.  

Realtors and investors--ask us about our special partnership pricing.